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... Development, production, consulting and sales in one hand

Comfortable conditions create higher productivity and greater safety and job satisfaction. Therefore, develops, manufactures and sells Actuall environmentally sustainable electrical systems for commercial vehicles. Our focus is always the human being as a user. The result is a perfect blend of ergonomics, comfort and safety Are important to us but also functionality, durability, and ease of installation in a "plug and play" system, at an affordable price. That's why we are decentralized and clearly in independently operating units that can to our customers and respond to market signals.

Actuall Innomotive International B.V.

Actuall Innomotive International B.V. is the parent company of the Actuall Group and is responsible for the research and development. In this company there will be figure out innovative solutions for the transport and logistic industry. The company started with developing of the Doorlift as the drive system for the roller shutter in a truck or delivery van.

After some time being active in this section, there were more ideas that led to the development of the Art-Lift. This lifting equipment is the solution for small transport vehicle where weight and simplicity have an important role.


   Printerweg 51
   3821 AP Amersfoort

   Tel.: +31 (0) 33 7074889
   Fax: +31 (0) 33 4808877


Actuall Innomotive Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Actuall Innomotive Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the production company in Malaysia. Here is a responsibility for the production and quality control. Because it is a subsidiary it can keep a close eye on the quality control and can quick jump on it.

As subsidiary they can also react quick on the area of modifications and innovations. By today, better way of communicating, we can be indented quick and efficiently on the need of the market.


   1st. Floor No.30 Lorong Sukun 1
   Taman Sukun
   14000 Bukit Mertajam
   Penang, Malaysia