Art-lift ELC

The ArtLIFT ELC system solves the problem of loading or unloading heavy goods in applications where a conventional lift-gate would be too heavy or take up too much space.

Actuall is a company specialized in creating solutions for the transport branche and has now created an innovatic loading assistant for commercial vehicles.

ArtLIFT allows the driver to lift goods up to 250 Kg in or out of the vehicle. Permanent lifting of heavy goods can lead to severe back pain. The Art-Lift therefore can easily load or unload heavy items and ensures that the driver can work safely.

The only ca. 30 cm narrow ArtLIFT slides and the 850x750mm platform is tilted and then folded. After just a few seconds, the ArtLIFT is ready for use. Besides the quiet hum of the engines there is nothing else to hear. The only 90Kg lift can be installed within in a few hours from your dealer or the manufacturer.

The cost effective system works on the 'Plug-and-play' principle. The mounting points are vehicle specifically indicated, the exact vehicle and the desired dimensions are specified in the order. The compact style of the ArtLIFT makes the lifting height of ca. 600mm possible, both on the side or the back of the vehicle. For the larger vehicles there is the larger model up to 1000mm lifting height.


The ideal solution for the demanding carrier.

In daily work with vans situations often occur where one must lift heavy loads. Sooner or later, this can lead to serious back problems and even partial disability.

The ArtLift ELC is a lightweight, compact lifting aid that allows for simple and easy installation in various types vans.

It is economically priced and enables drivers to lift loads of up to 200 kg.

The perfect loading assistant for fire trucks, ambulances and specialized vehicles.

Your benefits in a nutshell.

  • Light weight, minimal space reduction, ergonomic handling
  • Reliable, clean, quiet
  • Compact design and mounting
  • Installation choice side or rear of the vehicle
  • Simple easy to operate
  • Improved driver comfort and efficiency
  • Excellent value for money